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Certificate of Need Process

On May 13, 2021, Maple Springs received a Certificate of Need for 120 skilled nursing beds in Anchorage.  We are honored to be able to provide care to the residents of Anchorage and Alaska as a whole.

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Summary of Proposed Project

Maple Springs is going to construct a new long-term care facility (LTCF) in South Anchorage. We are planning to start construction in the spring of 2022 and anticipate opening our doors in August of 2024. The construction of this LTCF will be part of a larger continuous care retirement community (CCRC) in the Anchorage community.

The proposed facility will consist of the following unit mix:

110 Private Skilled Nursing Units
10 Private Skilled Nursing/Hospice Units

The community will be designed to look and feel like a residential development belonging to a neighborhood.  This design allows residents to live in a place that is home-like in nature but has all of the care, services, and amenities available to them as their conditions either improve or continue to decline.  It also tends to be received better by the surrounding community members when developed in this manner.

Maple Springs of Anchorage will offer two primary services.  The first is transitional/post-acute care which focuses on the rehabilitation of the residents and eventual discharge to home or a lower level of care such as an assisted living.  The second is long-term care which focuses on residents with chronic health conditions and limited mobility.  These residents are unable to live safely at home and exceed the acuity limits within the licensure of an assisted living facility.  The building will be designed and subdivided into smaller “pods” based on each resident’s need and level of care, which will allow residents to be cared for in more accommodating and specialized group-based settings.

The community will have 10 private hospice units in its own pod, which we call the “Hospice House”. This is similar to the two Maple Springs facilities in Wasilla and Palmer, each of which includes a 10-bed Hospice House dedicated to accommodate the hospice needs of the Mat-Su Valley. We have found these Hospice Houses to be invaluable to those terminally-ill residents and their families since it gives them the extra gathering areas and space that is needed at this point in their lives. We are also able to utilize these units for high acuity residents and provide a higher level of care for them.

Every resident of Maple Springs will have his/her own private bedroom and bathroom with access to a Jacuzzi bathtub for residents who prefer or need a bath for their personal cares. The common areas of Maple Springs will provide many opportunities for activities and small gatherings for residents. Constant activities and outings are of utmost importance for the elderly to stay active and motivated on a continual basis. Maple will provide large activity rooms, an art room, movie theatre, ice-cream/coffee bistro, puzzle rooms, computer rooms, outdoor walking paths, garden boxes and numerous other amenities designed to stimulate the residents’ minds and keep them physically active.

Maple Springs of Anchorage is going to be a CCRC, which will provide assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing services.  These services allow residents to be appropriately placed in a setting that meets their individual and unique care needs.  For example, it is vitally important that a resident with progressed Alzheimer’s be located within a community that is designed to care for him/her and this very specific disease.  Our memory care program contains life-stations to encourage residents to participate in activities to which they relate. It is designed in such a way that residents are able to be re-directed so they don’t become frustrated or combative.  Our CCRC model has been developed to support all types of residents to live the rest of their lives to the fullest.

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Building Stats

The skilled nursing portion of this community is planned to be around 106,000 square feet on two floors.  The rehab gym is going to be almost 4,000 square feet and will be dedicated to getting residents back on their feet.  The individual units are spacious and full of amenities, which will allow our residents to feel at home and allow their loved ones to visit comfortably.  There will be two elevators to make sure the entire community is easily accessible to all of our residents.  The rest of the community has a huge amount of common areas so that the residents and their families can get together for the many social events that Maple Springs plans to do once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed and it is safe to do so.

Please see below for a general layout of the proposed community.

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Who We Do This For

Our long-term plans for Maple Springs are to continue to provide great health care and wellness to the residents of Alaska, specifically to the elderly and Alaska native populations. This long-term care facility will allow the community of Anchorage and Alaska as a whole to have many different medical services all on one campus.