Assisted Living

Yes! Our community uses a call button system that allows residents to ask for help anytime, day or night.  Each resident is also issued a pendant with a call button which rings to our on-site caregivers. Our call buttons are to be used anytime a resident needs assistance, not simply in the case of emergency.

Assisted Living features unfurnished apartments, with the exception of a full-size refrigerator and microwave which are provided.  Everything else will need to provided by you, from furniture & televisions to bedding & toiletries. Think of it as an unfurnished apartment that you are able to individualize and make your own space!

Your Assisted Living apartment is your home! Visitors are welcome anytime.

Assisted Living cost is dependent on two factors: the individual care needs of the resident (level of care) and the apartment size.  North Logan Assisted Living features three apartment sizes: studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments.  For more precise pricing information, please call or email Dawn Reed for details: (208) 851-8476,

Prior to moving into Assisted Living, our care team will assess your current health and review your medical history to evaluate how to best meet your needs. They will also discuss your preferences, as well as your normal routines, to develop a care plan tailored for you. This care plan determines your level of care which leads to your monthly cost. For more information, please call or email Dawn Reed for details: (208) 851-8476,

Our assisted living base rate includes three meals a day, housekeeping, weekly laundry services for linens and towels, 24-hr care services, in-house activities and amenities, cable television service, and wi-fi.

Laundry of personal clothing and a landline telephone are not included in our base  services. Personal clothing laundry service is available at an additional cost of $60/month. A landline telephone is an additional fee at a rate of $25/month.

Transportation to all activities arranged by Maple Springs is included free of charge.  Personal transportation may affect your level of care or incur a cost of $20/hr.  Please inquire for details.

Skilled Nursing / Rehab

Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation rooms are fully furnished with an adjustable hospital bed, bedside table and nightstand, lift chair or lift couch, visitors chairs, and an armoire for storage of personal clothing and belongings.  A cable TV and telephone are also provided, as well as toiletries in the event you do not bring your own. Short-term residents are welcome to bring anything from home that might make them more comfortable, such as extra blankets, comfortable clothing, and any toiletries they prefer.  Long-term skilled nursing residents often desire to bring furniture or photos and artwork from home to make their room more personalized, in which case please talk with staff upon move-in and they can help arrange the room to suit your needs.

No, anything deemed as a form of restraint is not allowed in Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation per state regulations.  Although we can’t prevent every fall, in a situation where a resident is at high risk of recurrent falls there are many methods we utilize to promote safety.  These include placing the resident in a room close to a nurse’s station or lowering the bed to the floor for sleeping, etc.  We would be happy to discuss any of these with you through our contact page here

No, medication distribution in Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation is managed by our nursing staff per state regulations.

For short-term insurance-covered rehabilitation, transportation for appointments with medical providers directly related to your rehab stay is provided by our facility free of charge.  Transportation for medical providers not related to your rehab stay or for recreational purposes will include a cost of $20/hr.  For long-term skilled nursing residents, transportation to medical providers within Cache Valley is provided at no cost.  Transportation to medical providers outside Cache Valley or for recreational purposes will include a cost of $20/hr.

Memory Care

Memory Care is a flat rate per month.  All care and amenities are included in the monthly rate.  For more precise pricing information please call or email Dawn Reed for details: (208) 851-8476,

Yes, full laundry service of linens & towels and personal clothing is included for all Memory Care residents.

Landline telephone service is an additional fee of $25/month.

Transportation to/from medical appointments in Cache Valley is included free of charge.  Please note our driver cannot stay with the resident for the appointment, so a family member or responsible party would need to meet the resident at the appointment to stay with him or her during the appointment.  Non-medical appointments, as well as any appointments outside Cache Valley, will incur a charge of $20/hr.

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